A mozart 100 Edition for True Heroes!

RESULTS 2015: mozart 100® Results 2015

PICTURES 2015: http://www.sportograf.com/de/shop/event/2798-Mozart-100-2015

The fourth edition of mozart 100® has ended - the memory of it will remain in our hearts and minds of everyone involved for a long time.

The weather specialists did not know better, or simply did not dare to announce the weather as it presented itself as an untamed companion on race day. The temperatures remained the whole day well below 10 degrees Celsius. The rain fell in unbelievable quantities and ruthlessly attacked the bodies of the many athletes started and the 150 employees of the organizing team by the temporarily strong wind.

Our greatest respect for all the achievements that you have rendered yesterday. You are true heroes!

On behalf of all participants we congratulate the King and Queen of the 4th Mozart 100® 2015 Daniel Oraek (Czech Republic) and Maria Vrajic from Croatia.

We look forward to having you back on 18 June 2016!